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EFOLKI boho farmhouse throw pillow covers for couch - USER GUIDE

User Guide: Stuffing Our Pillow Covers the Right Way

You might be wondering why you even need an explanation of how to stuff a pillow cover! After all, is it that hard?

You just zip open the covers and stuff in your insert, right?

That is not the case. Pillow covers are often damaged when not using proper techniques while trying to stuff them with the pillow inserts. It doesn’t matter if the pillow covers are well sewn, if you try to put a lot of pressure on the zipper ends, the stitching will pop and you’ll end up with a damaged cover.

Take a look at the image below. Here is an example of a faux leather cover that got damaged while being stuffed using improper techniques.

So, what is the best way to put your pillow inserts inside the pillow covers without damaging them? 

First of all, you should make sure that the pillow covers are not smaller in size than the inserts you have because then, you have to force your inserts inside the pillow covers, which will cause damage to the covers. So, make sure that the inserts aren’t too large before trying to force them into the covers.

The size of the covers also depends on the type of pillow inserts you have. For instance, for cotton pillows, the inserts can be one inch larger than the covers but no more than that. If the covers are 18”x18” in dimension, the inserts should be the same size as the covers or 19”x19”. 

After you have got a cover that is not too much smaller in size than your insert, then it’s time to stuff the cover by following the steps explained below:

1.Unzip your pillow cover and place it on a flat surface in front of you. Now hold your pillow insert and fold it in half so that the two sides of the insert meet each other, which will make it easier for you to have a proper grip on it.

EFOLKI boho farmhouse throw pillow covers for couch

2.Hold open the pillow cover with one hand and keep holding the insert with the other hand, as described in the first step, then slide the cover over one end of the pillow insert.

EFOLKI boho farmhouse throw pillow covers for couch

3.Keep squeezing the insert while working the cover over it, until all corners of the insert are inside the cover. Don’t let go of the insert until it’s completely inside. In case you do let go of the insert, make sure it doesn’t expand all of a sudden because that will harm the zipper ends.

EFOLKI boho farmhouse throw pillow covers for couch

4.Now, put your hand inside and gently straighten the insert inside the pillow. Make sure you put all four corners inside the cover properly.


5.At this point, your cover is ready to be zipped. While closing the zipper, ensure that there are no loose threads or pillow fabric getting stuck in the zipper. That is why you must do this step slowly and carefully.

EFOLKI boho farmhouse throw pillow covers for couch

6.Now you can close the zipper gently. If the zipper gets stuck, don’t force it. Reverse the zipper (open it) and check if any thread or fabric is interfering with the zipper. Then try closing it again.

That’s it! Now you are ready to stuff your pillow covers without damaging them.

In the instructions above, we have mentioned that every step has to be done softly, slowly, and gently. Remember that if you are gentle with your approach, you will be more likely to prevent any damage to your pillow cover. 


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